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Peanut Butter & Jelly. Thelma & Louise.

Search & Social is as “yin and yang” as any two other great things that go great together (ahem!).

Integrating a strategy combining both search and social is not as simple as you think. It requires businesses to be more engaging, agile, and interact in real time with their customers. It’s also about more than just publishing status-quo content. The content you publish today needs to be more original, engaging, and it has to be published more frequently than ever before.

Combining search & social efforts yields higher traffic

Content with social visibility receives a high amount of traffic intially, then visits taper off. Content with natural search visibility sees increases in traffic as visibility improves in the long run, and spikes when that content is promoted via social channels.


Why this is more important than ever before — Social channels: 

  • Impact search performance: Google and Bing are both using social signals in an effort to personalize search results to end users with the goal of delivering a new level or relevancy of results to search queries.
  • Generate website traffic: A properly managed social channel can generate a major increase in website traffic and conversions. Small changes in the way content is promoted in those channels can yield big results.
  • Provides increased brand influence: Social makes connecting with the influencers in your industry easier than ever before. Leveraging these audiences can generate free press, help you grow your audience and access new markets.
  • Offer expanded brand reach: A Harvard study found that information and influence travel up to three degrees across a social network. The information one person receives each day may have traveled two or three degrees before it reaches them.


Search Philosophy

Keywords, whether earned through search engine optimization efforts, or bought through paid channels such as Google AdWords or Facebook, are a direct reflection of your customers needs. Keywords provide searches with:

  • Quick paths to your popular pages of your site
  • Answers to nagging and difficult to answer questions
  • Convenient ways to purchase your products


Our approach to SEO

Our approach to SEO has been refined through more than a decade of experience working in the industry. We’ll help you understand how search engines work, whether your site is search engine friendly, and develop an optimization strategy to improve your site’s visibility for relevant keywords.


On-site Optimization

Our SEO services are largely customized to fit the specific needs, goals and budgets of our clients. Here are a few of the popular services we provide our clients.

SEO 101: This free presentation is our introduction to how search engines work, the obstacles that prevent a site from achieving solid organic search visibility, and the things you can do, both on-site and off, that will improve your site’s organic search visibility and traffic.

Crawl Analysis: Learn how easily search engines can access the content of your website, and how to improve any problem areas they may encounter.

Keyword Roadmap: This report shows you whether your site shows up for relevant keyword phrases, and provides insight into the specific keywords in your niche that are in high demand, how difficult it is to rank for those terms, and how your site is currently performing for those terms.

On-Page Optimization: Creation of page titles and meta data and changes to website copy to help improve the relevancy of your site’s pages.

Link Building: Our conservative  approach to link building is extremely cost effective and risk adverse.


Paid Search

Paid search is the fastest way to generate first page visibility in search engines and attract well-qualified customers to your website.  We’re adept at navigating the complex landscape of paid search and are focused on developing winning strategies for our clients no matter what their budgets or goals.



Because no two businesses have the same goals, nor exist on the same social networks, our social media consulting is largely catered to a client’s specific needs. Here are a few common services that we provide.

Channel optimization: Ensuring that other channels your brand uses such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and others are properly optimized for search.

Grow followers: Competitive analysis of your networks and the networks of your closest competitors and recommendations for you to build a larger, relevant audience for your products and services.

Proper Promotion: Learn how to properly promote all different types of content in all of your social channels to maximize their traffic benefit over the long term.

Whether bought, earned, or owned search + social marketing is all about connecting with the right customers and getting them to perform your desired actions.