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Kind Clinics

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Client: Kind Clinics
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kindclinics_640x440Medical marijuana is fast becoming a viable and lucrative business opportunity in many states. When Kind Clinics, a manufacturer of state of the art marijuana dispensing machines came to us, their existing site was not living up to expectations. It was not delivering a lot of traffic from organic search, and was relying heavily on paid search to connect with potential business operators. After a complete evaluation, the client agreed to a complete revamp of their website with an emphasis on content reorganization. The end result:

  • 26% of monthly visits is coming from SEO; 44% from paid search – opposed to less than 10% of traffic from SEO prior to engagement.
  • Traffic from SEO is up 732% over baseline: 286 visits in July 2012, compared to 2,381 visits in January 2013.
  • Conversions are more evenly balanced between paid and non-paid traffic sources – prior to optimization, approximately 83% of conversions were coming from paid search, now it accounts for 53% of all conversions.