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5 Simple Mistakes That Are Costing You Customers

Your website is beautiful, and chances are you spent a lot of money to have it built. Unfortunately, if you’re like most small businesses, your website is missing at least one of these five features that can help generate calls for your business.

    1. Your website is NOT mobile friendly.

      Sure, your website comes up on a mobile device, but how difficult is it to use? Or worse, you have a separate mobile site; this is an OK solution, but it’s outdated. Using responsive design is a much better option, and will make managing your content much easier than managing two separate sites.

    2. Your navigation is unconventional and/or intuitive.

      I recently came across a site where the navigation appears top-center of the page. It’s attractive, sure, but it’s not a navigation style that most site visitors are used to. And, the navigation is displayed when the business name is hovered over:


      Where’s the navigation?


    3. Your website does NOT link to your social media pages.

      You’ve probably worked hard to generate an audience for your business’ Facebook page and other social media profiles. But that is just half the equation. The other half — promoting your social profiles on your website — is equally important, and it can help you own more of a search results page for your business name searches, especially if your business is active in more than one social channel.

    4. Your business lacks local citations.

      Recently I spoke with a small business owner who operates an in-home service business for the very competitive niche of home inspections. He’s in a large, densely populated metro area, so there is a ton of competition. He has worked with an internet marketing firm in the past, and part of their package involved link building.

      While investigating links for his business, I noticed there were hardly any valuable links from authoritative local search directories, or other reputable, trusted sites in his service area. The vast majority of his links were from low-quality, low-value, directories, many of which were based in places like Ghana, which is not even on the same continent as this man’s business.

      If you don’t own a Yelp page for your small business, you should. Chances are your Yelp profile will rank beneath your domain for searches for your business. Yelp is free, and depending on how customers feel about your product or service, it can be a great source for feedback in the form of reviews. Reviews that Google incorporates into it’s search results, and may display on the Google Plus page for your business.

    5. You do not create any new content. Ever. Or maybe rarely.

      If your business is in a heavily saturated, competitive niche, you need to stand out. There’s only one way to do this, and that is to develop a continuous stream of original, engaging (compelling, interesting, entertaining, though provoking, reaction-generating) content. Blogging for the sake of blogging is a waste of time. Unless you market an incredibly technical product, your customers don’t want to read long form text. And long form text is not necessarily needed for improving search engine visibility.

      Don’t have time to write? Then take photos. If you operate a service business, before and after photos of work you perform capture the quality of your service. I am a big believe in “show me” over “tell me”, especially if the results you promise your customers are visual.

      Some business owners think that a video blog is simpler and takes less time than writing. I know of quite a few attorneys who do this. A video blog might take 5-7 minutes to shoot. Then the video is uploaded to YouTube, and embedded on your site. You could easily do a post a week in less than 30 minutes per post. And you’d be creating content that you could promote via your other social media channels.

      The only rule of thumb is that your content needs to be compelling. Creativity will always trump volume. You’re better off doing one quality post a month than pushing out less compelling content more frequently.

If you’re site’s guilty of any of the above issues, and you don’t know how to address them, give me a call. I’ll even review your site for free!

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